Laser blood irradiation therapy

vnútrožilové ožarovanie krvi

Blood irradiation therapy is a technique in which a person's blood is exposed to light. The treatment may be given through a vein via a catheter, through the blood vessels of the nose, or through the skin. The therapy is believed to have originated in Asia (mainly Russia) and most research was conducted in Russia. Blood irradiation may involve laser or ultraviolet (UV) light, and may involve the irradiation of blood while in the body or out of the body.

Laser blood irradiation therapy is the method that irradiates the blood with laser light. It is a therapy which affects the rheological properties of the blood which has a favorable effect on any living cells, and overall health. Laser blood irradiation is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with worse blood condition - and the truth is that all disease are associated with blood. The blood condition affects overall health.

BIOquant NS - more energy in your life! 

High tech medical device for a better health and wellbeing.

bioquantBIOquant® NS is a device developed and patented by Yalong Trade, s.r.o. It uses a patented nasal applicator that utilizes optimally-designed laser light source and correctly-set optic dimensions. The device can produce two wavelengths: 650nm red laser light and 810nm invisible LED light

This device is intended for the physical light irradiation of tissue through nasal cavity, through earholes or through skin. Application improves general health and conditions of the body. It can be used by persons with developed cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Healthy lifestyle plays important role for general wellness of users of device. 

- oxygenate your body - normalize your blood pressure - normalize your blood cholesterol level - improve your microcirculation and symptoms of diabetes - improve your memory - advantages: a patented laser applicator, 2 functions, made in Slovakia

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