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Frequencies in Bioquant devices

brainwave frequencyConnected terms: brainwave or neural entrainment, AVS -audio visual stimulation, brain stimulation, brainwave synchronisation, binaural beats...., where sound, light, magnetic fields or electric stimulation is used in the form of signals with different frequencies to naturally synchrosise brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of periodic external stimuli

Have your heard about AVS ?

AVS - Audiovisual Stimulation - A method designed to regulate states of consciousness in neurotechnologies. It is usually accomplished by using simpler periodic optical stimuli supplied by the LEDs glasses  and simultaneous sound stimulation through stereo earphones (psychowalkman). Stimulation is for a variety of specific purposes. During stimulation, the "rhythm entrainment effect" occurs in the brain, which causes gradual adjustment from one state of consciousness to another. For many purposes, switching to another state of the brain is the desired and ultimate goal of relaxing, falling or replenishing energy.

What is brain wave ?

The brain has billions of neurons, and each individual neuron connects (on average) to thousands of others. Communication happens between them through small electrical currents that travel along the neurons and throughout enormous networks of brain circuits. When all these neurons are activated they produce electrical pulses and this synchronized electrical activity results in a "brainwave".

It is a handy analogy to think of brainwaves as musical notes - the low frequency waves are like a deeply penetrating drum beat, while the higher frequency brainwaves are more like a subtle high pitched flute. Like a symphony, the higher and lower frequencies link and cohere with each other through harmonics.

Our brainwaves change according to what we're doing and feeling. When slower brainwaves are dominant we can feel tired, slow, sluggish, or dreamy. The higher frequencies are dominant when we feel wired, or hyper-alert.

Brain Waves - Rhythmic fluctuations in tension between brain parts resulting in electrical current flows.

Gamma waves (40-100 Hz) are dominant in situations where we expose our brain to demanding tasks. Gamma frequency plays an important role in learning and memory.

Beta waves (12-40Hz) are active in waking consciousness. Most of us are in this state during the day and are typical for mental activity. The higher their frequency, the more irritable we are to anger, nervousness or fear. Lower frequencies occur when feeling tired or drowsy. Beta waves are present in logical, analytical reasoning and problem solving.

Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) are in a state of relaxed alertness. We are naturally receptive and our mind is peaceful. Our brain naturally gets to this level just before sleep or after waking, these waves improve the quality of sleep, learning, increase productivity and even improve our immunity.

Theta waves (4 - 8 Hz) occur in deep relaxation, meditation and light sleep. These frequencies improve the long-term memory and the ability to find unusual solutions.

Delta waves with a frequency of 1-4 Hz are in deep meditation or sleep. At these frequencies, there is an in-depth regeneration of the organism. Activation of natural self-healing mechanisms and stimulation of the immune system occurs.

Brainwaves can be measured and ranked, but we can also influence them and change them. As a result of such interventions, a wide variety of issues can be improved. For example, people who suffer from anxiety usually have excess of Beta waves and vice versa - the brain of people with light mood dysfunction or ADD-ADHD tends to produce an excess of slower waves such as Alpha or Theta. Gamma waves have the ability to activate glial cells in the brain and its self-purifying mechanisms from waste materials, which is important in older age. Brain stimulation, brainwave entrainment, AVS - brain stimulation, brain modulation, drive the desired frequencies into brain activity.

Modulation of brain waves by Bioquant intranasal application brings brainwave entrainment. Similar is sound application of binaural beats. Bioquant NS LED device is producing biwavelength light, if red and NIR applicator is used simultaneously. Bioquant devices can be set to frequency 0-99Hz where continuos light has 0Hz. The use of 2 wavelenghts in Bioquant NS LED device makes from device biwavelength device with 660nm and 810nm. 


Application of Intermittent light in devices Bioquant was planned intentionally, to enable the use of device for influencing brain activity and its dominant frequency.

How Bioquant model looks and its functions  is the result of tests made with previous models of Bioquant devices, with different powers, wavelengths, polarisations and frequencies. Tests have shown optimal settings, because light is interracting with tissues so different frequencies cause different reaction of the body and need different treatment time to keep application in Biostimultive part of Arndt Schulz curve. Sources are confirming different effects of such applications and many acupuncture devices use different frequencies in accupuncture for example Nogier, Bahr, Reininger frequencies are well known. We found out, how to reach maximum biostimulative effect with Bioquant devices. Also term resonance is used in conection with frequencies. Bioquant is tuning oscilations in brain to frequencies of light  to resonate with its frequencies. 



(1) human body has human energy field that we can influence through light and frequencies

(2) light can influence blood properties and therefore influence each cell in the body

(3) eye and nerve cells can respond to frequencies, lead information to brain and stimulate the brain

If you use Bioquant with frequencies regularly, you get all these three benefits.


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Story of a boy with ADHD that we monitor.

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The importance of the blood

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The importance of the blood We have to take care of the blood. We need to keep our erythrocytes separated; we need to keep normal values of LDL cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides in order to keep our blood in a good state. Regular use of Bioquant can help the blood to normalise physical blood properties and erythrocytes deformability and elasticity.

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Bioquant and adaptation

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Bioquant and adaptation Every person shall adapt to light from Bioquant. Some people think it doesn't work and start using it too quickly. Some people think their health is very good and then they use it on maximum intensity on the first day. Adaptation is recomended in User manual and initial use shall be made accordingly Manual.

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