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Application of Intermittent light in devices Bioquant was planned intentionaly, to enable the use of device for influencing brain activity and its dominant frequency.

Applications effects of RCP light was found by chance but as a result of intentional effort.

What you should know about us and our team before you buy your own Bioquant: 

In 2007 our company started exploring world of laser blood irradiation devices. We bought worldwide literature especialy Russia sources for intravasal laser blood irradiation. We bought more devices  for intranasal applications. We bought  laser device for intravasal laser blood irradiation. We started to test devices, light from devices and we could see that light from device to device is different.

We considered the light properties as the most important because not the device but light is interracting with tissue.

Some lights had good polaristion, some had no or small polarisation detectable. Some devices used optic fibre, intranasal devices because of short optic fibre had low loss, intravascular laser device had big loss because of thin and long optic fibre that is causing loos during light propagation. We have seen thin optic fibre changes light properties more than thick. Quantity of reflexions because of light divergency at the output of laser diode depends on optic fibre dimension and light divergency. Some devices were using silicone cups where silicone was in the way of light propagation and influencing light. Claimed 5mW from intravascular device laser diode was only at output of diode but output in the vein was 2,5mW at the end of optic fibre. 

From literature we have seen that some results in clinical studies even with Ne-Ne laser devices were mostly good but some claimed no effects. It seemed to be strange. From devices analysis we just supposed that differencies in light parametrs can be huge. Even device is producing good quality light,  the used components behind light source can change the light to normal quality light,  the light can loose its polarisation or coherency, just monochromaticy is kept. Such light is changing ability to interract with matter. We came to conclusion, what matter is light, but only that light which cames to inerractions with tissue and its properties before interraction.  

We consider that light waves are cariers of electromagnetic forces, but if we have mixture of vawes with swings opposite or in different directions, that result of all forces can be 0. It is like normal light around us. Despite huge energy it does not harm. There are interractions of normal light and live tissue, but they are not as strong as interractions with the light with some order in properties.  Interractions can differ when light differs.

Because of big differencies in laser diodes types, and design of applicators, optic fibres we were looking for the good light, which could make well,  what was intended - good rheology of blood.  That time we applied for our first patent for intranasal laser light applicator. That applicator we are using in our devices for 10 years and we did not change that solution except laser diode and optic fibre dimensions.

Design was based on intention to have good quality laser diode output light and optic fibre, which is not influencing output light too much. For users safety there is high divergency at laser diode output and also optic fibre. THis combination  is changing lght properties the most.  Results were tested on live blood microscopic analysis, light was used by people and  we were performing analysis before, sometimes during and after application or after some period of use of the device. Such analysis provides good evidence, can be made simply and is a part of many clinical studies, books and literature as scientific method. It is very simple and if samples are taken correctly then results are representative.

In 2012 we decided to look for the method how to check if treatment time, treatment place of our devices is optimal and effects  are only beneficial. What if treatment  time for optimum shall be longer or could  be shorter? Nobody knew the answer. Some devices were enabling to use treatment time till one hour in one application and this caused our intention to test somehow what is beneficial and what not. We started process of devices  new tests. That time we were sure based on live blood analsis that long term use acc. our Users manuals and recomendations are only usefull for users, but what if it could be somehow improved?

Live blood microscopy was showing that long term users ( nowadays we have users using our devices for 10 years) results are perfect.

We decided to use meassurements of energetic field of the body. We performed thousands tests measuring energetic field of testing person using differnt light sources, light propertis, on different parts of the body. 

One of conclusions was - optimal treatment time is different if we change light properties and parameters.

Our effort finished with design of Bioquant NS.

Live blood tests with device  showed,  that even people with predisposition to higher blood coagulation - low S protein, who didn`t respond  on the light from previous devices welll,  could reach with new device good blood physical properties - viscosity, rheology, RBCs deformability, elasticity.

In the meantime we were performing tests with RCP and frequency modulated light form our devices. 

Tests have shown, because light is inerracting with tissue, that light properties are the most important and treatment time has to be adjusted depending on light properties, if we want to reach only positive and biostimulative effects. Test have shown that even our eyes dont see the difference for example in polarisation, the cells can "see or feel" the difference. From laser accupuncture is known that nerve cells can percieve frequencies thousands Hz, our eys only  tenths Hz. Images processing in brain need huge quantity of operations, so neurons fire signals with huge velocity.

For example, effects of laser light and LED lights differ, because the light in both cases is different, even both would have the same wavelenth. Difference is in coherency and polarisation, difference is in electromagnetic fields generated by electromagnetic waves, so influence on electrons or interractions with matter or living tissue differs. In industry for example are purposly used specific light parameters because different polarisations cause different results and industrial applications are highly scientific.

In the body in interractions with light exists for example circular dichroism which is telling, that behaviour and absorbtion of differently polarised light is different.

There is also evidence that effects of lineary polarised liht in one direction and perpendicular can differ. There are differencies how the light is propagating in different density tissues depending on polarisation state.

There is evidence that continuos light and different frequencies cause different reponse.

There is opinion,  that what is important are laser light property to create speckles.

There is opinion, that only lasers can be used for low level laser therapy. 

There is  evidence, that light below threshold brings nothing, not correctly designed light properties can bring not too much, too much energy or too high power can harm, etc. Arndt-Schulz law is explaining that stimulation and inhibition are parts of the same curve. Just value to reach the maximal biostimulative effects is varying depending on all details we described.

Our tests were performed in directions - tests of physical blood properties followed on live blood microscopy and tests of influence of applications on energetic field of body. Recently we started tests with infrared photography and we are studying possibilities of this imaging method.  Users of devices are performing tests by doctors and can see changes on their health and parameters. We get informations from users via customers feedback and post market survey.

Bioquant NS and Bioquant NS LED devices in the manufacturer's tests have confirmed a very high positiv effect accordingly Intended use of devices in tests of user energetic field. Both, continuous and also intermitent light have shown positive effect.

Device Bioquant NS LED was created with the use of quasimonochromatic lights to make it safe, as close as possible to lasers and added polarisation with righthanded light improved properties. In performed tests that light showed very good influence on blood parameters. 

If intermittent light from Bioquant devices is used, energetic fields reaches maximum in shorter application time, with lower power and less energy. Continuos light brings  more energy into tisue,  it has good for tissue energising effects, for blood irradiation applications by light for example.  RCP light in tests brought maximal values of komplex energetic field in more shorter time or values of energetic fiels were growing more rapidly or to higher values. Blood analysis are showing good blood physical properties by use of any of  the lights generated from our devices.

Another parcel of  tests which  were perfomed in laboratories are  tests for biocompatibility, tests for safety, tests for performance and electromagnetic compatibility accordingly demands given for medical devices.


In the company we conducted thousands of live blood analysis since 2007. 

These clots are dangerous in the blood stream. 


  blood clot  erytrocytes in blood

Live blood analysis bad rheology vs. good rheology


Albina - regular user 2 times daily using Bioquant NS Laser model since 2013, anaysis from 2018

Live blood analysis  live blood analysis  live blood analysis  live blood analysis

User: Darina, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after application of Bioquant (second picture)

live blood analysis   live blood analysis darina

User: Dusan, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture)

live blood analysis dusan   live blood analysis dusan

User: Fero, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture)

live blood analysis fero live blood analysis fero

live blood analysis fero  live blood analysis fero

live blood analysis fero  live blood analysis fero

User: Karol, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture)

 live blood analysis karol  live blood analysis karol

live blood analysis karol  live blood analysis karol

User: Karol, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture) 

live blood analysis aroly  live blood analysis aroly

User: Lucy, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture) / user of bioquant having flu symptoms, feeling bad, before and after application

live blood analysis lucy  live blood analysis lucy

User: Peter, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture) 

live blood analysis Peter  live blood analysis Peter

User: Vera, live blood analysis before application of Bioquant (first picture) and after 15 min application of Bioquant (second picture)

live blood analysis Vera  live blood analysis Vera

live blood analysis Vera  live blood analysis Vera


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Bioquant and adaptation

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