Effects of laser blood irradiation

Laser blood irradiation at 650nm: 

  • Improved blood rheology and lower blood flow resistance When monochromatic photons of low intensity irradiate blood, the flexibility of red blood cells improves. They separate from each other so can bind substances across their entire surface area.
  • Influence on blood lipids LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced (if higher prior to using the device).
  • Body oxygenation The ability of red blood cells to receive oxygen in the lungs and transport carbon dioxide away from the body improves, which has a positive influence on all internal organs, metabolism and health. Users can have higher benefit in relation to hypoxia and ischemia.
  • Less likelihood of blood clot formation When photons of low intensity irradiate blood, the compounds that cause thrombus formation are reduced. This reduces the risk of blood clot formation in blood vessels, heart stroke – infarction, and cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases due to blood vessel clogging.
  • Blood pressure stabilization Blood pressure can be normalised as a result of lower blood viscosity and improved blood rheology.
  • Better blood circulation in the brain To function properly the brain needs a large quantity of energy stored in macro energy bonds of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules. This energy is produced from glucose in the presence of oxygen. Blood with lower viscosity and improved rheology carries all the necessary metabolism components to the brain and internal organs. It also removes effective metabolites from the place of origin, especially in connection to states connected with hypoxia and ischemia. •
  • Improved microcirculation and blood circulation in lower extremities Better microcirculation is caused by better blood rheology and viscosity, which brings better blood tissue perfusion. This is related to the improvement of concomitant diseases by diabetes or blood vessel complications caused by diabetes (diabetic microangiopathy) and femoral ulcers caused by poor microcirculation of blood. Improved blood tissue perfusion can assist acute and chronic pain caused by ischemic states.

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