Laser blood irradiation at 650nm:

  • The main target is achieved physically by the laser irradiation of blood.
  • The effect is achieved by the application of continuous red laser light with wavelength of 650nm. This "infuses" photons into the blood flowing in the nasal cavity's blood vessels and capillaries of irradiated areas. It is based on the absorption of red light photons by blood that initiates changes in rheological properties that result in improved health.
  • The nasal cavity has numerous blood vessels with rich and relatively slow blood flow. The light irradiates all blood circulating the body during application.

Photobiostimulation at 810nm:

  • Main target is achieved physically by the infrared light irradiation of tissue.
  • LED light with 810nm wavelength works by light photon absorption that stimulates living cells.
  • This wavelength is well absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood flowing in an irradiated area.
  • As 810nm light is well absorbed by cytochrome C oxidase in mitochondria in living cells in irradiated tissue, it helps to produce energy in living cells, reduces pain, and supports tissue repair and healing.
  • Light of 810nm wavelength can penetrate deeper into the skin than 650nm so it stimulates tissue deeper.
  • The method is transcutaneous (irradiation of points or areas on the skin surface or tissue below the skin surface).

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