There are 4 methods which can be used for laser blood irradiation:

Intravenous method

  • The blood is irradiated through the vessels.
  • The application is limited.
  • The application must be done by doctors specialized in laser blood irradiation on the clinics or in hospitals.

Intranasal method

  • The blood is irradiated through the nasal cavity.
  • The application is not limited and can be used daily.
  • Application can by done at home with BIOquant by all the family members (BIOquant contents 5 nasal applicators with two sizes: think and thicker).
  • Lasers for intranasal applications have specially designed optics and light properties. Not all the lasers with the same paramets have the same benfits for health.

Trancutaneous method

  • The blood can be irradiated daily through the skin.
  • The effects can be different for everybody. The skin contains melanin and people with darker skin tone cannot absorb the light as people with whiter skin. This method is the most suitable for people with white skin.
  • Lasers must have higger output to be able to be absorbed in the blood.

Sublingual method

  • The blood can be irradiated by using the laser under the tongue.
  • This method is relatively new and there are little references about its effectiveness.


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