Medical device that irradiates blood through the skin

Blood irradiation on the skin: High power laser light is applied to healthy, unbroken skin, on areas containing large numbers of blood vessels. Some experts believe that this therapy may be used repeatedly due to the lack of tissue/skin penetration. However, nearby tissue (such as muscles, nerves, and skin) may also be exposed to irradiation, and a higher irradiation power is needed. Blood irradiation on the skin uses infrared laser irradiation of the skin using a wavelength of 830 nanometers with an output of 40 milliwatts and a frequency of 5 hertz. The procedure is conducted daily or every other day for 6-10 sessions.

Medical device that irradiates blood through the nasal applicator

Blood irradiation in the nose: A small device that shines light, called a diode, is placed into the nose. The light diode is usually a low intensity red color laser or normal red light. The nasal cavity contains a large number of small blood vessels.

Medical device that irradiates the blood in the veins

Laser blood irradiation in the veins: This technique involves feeding a low power laser light into the forearm vein. Advantages include use of a low level of laser, and disadvantages include inconvenience, risk of infection, and the need for a high level of medical skill. However, self-powered irradiation devices exist that may help address some of the disadvantages of this procedure. Laser blood irradiation given into the vein uses a helium-neon laser (632.8 nanometers) with an output of 1-4 milliwatts and a daily exposure of 10-60 minutes daily or on alternate days, for 3-10 sessions.

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