The manufacturer of BIOquant NS has following properties:

  • patent for applicator for laser blood irradiation (Not all the laser applicators have healing properties. Applicator of BIOquant NS uses a special optics with light which can improve blood rheology and improve the heatlh.)
  • trademarks BIOquant
  • copyrights for BIOquant book

BIOquant NS is produced by European company Yalong Trade, who has been selling and distributing BIOquant worldwide since 2008. 

BIOquant NS is the only laser for laser blood irradiation produced by European company according to patent rights of the company Yalong Trade.

About us:

A manufacturer of Bioquant NS:

Yalong Trade s.r.o.


M.Bodickeho 1517/14,

050 01 Revuca


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+421 907 173 910 (german, english, slovak)

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Ruzova 728/2,

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