We developed: Bioquant NS

Bioquant NS medical device for LLLT


1. BIOquant NS - medical device produced by a Slovak company Yalong Trade s.r.o.

2. 2 integrated functions

3. Modern design. In white color.

4. Our patented nasal applicator with perfect light properties.

2 functions:

  • laser blood irradiation through nasal cavity with laser applicator (laser 650nm)
  • bio-photo-stimulation with led applicator called photobiostimulation (LED diode 810nm with frequencies).

Funcion 1 (laser blood irradiation) - 650nm

BIOquant NS - laser for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  • An Improvement of rheology properties.
  • An Improvement of blood viscosity
  • Use: irradiation of blood through nasal applicator

Function 2 (photo-bio-stimulation) - 810nm

BIOquant NS - infrared light for pain relief, increased microcirculation, increased regeneration of tissues in irradiated area.

WHY to choose Bioquant NS?

BIOquant NS is a medical device produced by a slovak company Yalong Trade s.r.o.. BIOquant NS has 2 functions. Laser blood irradiation through nasal cavity with laser applicator (laser 650nm) and photo-bio- modulation (stimulation) with LED applicator (810nm). Modern design. White color. BIOquant NS model has patented nasal applicator that provides the best laser light properties for blood irradiation through nasal cavity. Owner of the patent is Yalong Trade s.r.o., the manufacturer from the Slovak republic. Funcion 1 -laser blood irradiation - 650nm laser for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It improves blood rheology and blood viscosity. Good blood properties bring benefit for all cells in the body. Function 2 - photo-bio-modulation- 810nm invisible infrared light, deeply penetrating through the skin into tissues energizes cells increasing energy production in cells with results such as pain relief, increased regeneration of tissue in irradiated area. WHY to choose Bioquant? Bioquant is a world trade mark registered in many countries, with patented laser nasal applicator, made in Slovakia - high quality product that can improve your health. There are sold more than 30,000 pieces of four different models of BIOquant in EU and model Bioquant NS is the most sophisticated and advanced solution with the highest light quality.

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