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09 November 2018


Methods how to increase vibrational energy:

1.     Alter your diet with higher vibrational energy

2.     Change your thoughts

3.     Listen to music

4.     Spend time with animals

5.     Spend time in nature

6.     Practise yoga

7.    Use Bioquant device every day


energetic fieldYour vibrational frequency matters when it comes to your health and happiness, and ultimately, it’s up to you how high it is! 

But you can do also more and different way! Living cells and their vibrations can also be affected by light and frequencies, which will result in the increase of the cells and human energy fields. 

1.part – Human Energy Fields

In the first part of this article you will learn about physical laws. We have tried to provide a simple explanation on examples. However, it is difficult to explain complicated issues too simplified, so we also give examples for easier comprehension.

human bodyThe human body is a living system made of trillions of living cells

The human body is composed of trillions of living cells. Man is a super-position of a number of cells of atoms, molecules, information. It is a chemical factory in which the processes run constantly. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions – energy production, cell regeneration and cellular renewal, extraction of body waste.

To understand processes in the body, one must understand basic principles from quantum mechanics and physics.

Physical properties of matter including thoughts

Many different processes run in the body such as thinking, regulation, body's control system and management - electrical conduction system of the heart, hormone production, temperature regulation, senses are sensed by the help of receptors and send impulses to brain, their processing and sending body commands for subconscious or conscious responses, etc... So we can say that our body has physical properties and needs a lot of energy to work properly. Energy is defined simply by scientists as the capacity for doing work. Matter is the material (atoms and molecules) that constructs things on the Earth and in the Universe, so the human body. Processes in the body are physical and chemical and thus of material character, too. Likewise the thoughts of the material body are material because even thoughts are neurons generated by firing pulses to other neurons, have physical properties and power to change the matter for example through positive thinking.  

Living cells are made of components like proteins, which are a type of molecule, and water, which is another molecule, and other things which are all made of molecules. ... Molecules are collections of atoms.

Movement always transfers energy depending on various conditions..

If we take non-living thing - atoms and their composition, we can see that electrons orbit in the space surrounding the nucleus at an unimaginable speed. Electrons are attracted to the protons and repelled by other electrons. These forces of attraction and repulsion are much stronger than gravitational forces and are called electromagnetic forces. Electrons move so fast, approximately at the speed of light. Atoms can stick or bond together in certain permissible combinations to form groups of atoms called molecules. And the substances formed from them are capable of reacting with other atoms, when electrons are rearranged, reactants change on products or vice versa, depending on state conditions - (thermodynamics). Atoms are rather like spherical bells that vibrate. As atoms vibrate they change shape. The mode of vibration of an atom depends upon its energy. For example, red blood cells can carry oxygen but also carbon dioxide just on the basis of a small difference in chemical reaction conditions. These conditions are physical values: pressure, temperature, product and reactants concentrations as well as partial pressures and decide what and how is running where the process will be stabilized. As with humans, the supply and production and consumption of energy in a variety of forms is constantly being carried out.

Conditions can be changed:  We can modify, direct, measure movement in non-living things. For example, we can create and change electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields or control the nuclear reactions. So the human body. It controls the processes in its chemical factory, consisting of billions of small chemical reactors, so-called cells. Energy production in cells is made in small parts of the body called Mitochondria in their respiratory chains.

electron Until today, no one has answered the question of where energy is taken from to move electrons around the nucleus of atoms. Where is it from?

I once said, in a figurative way, that the atom is alive. It has a lot of to do with quantum mechanics. One of the fundamental properties of matter described by quantum mechanics is that it is described by a wave function. That means all matter can behave like a wave. An electron bound to a nucleus can only exist in certain allowed energy states. An electron can make discrete quantum jumps between the energy levels through either the absorption or emission of energy in the form of photons of light. Photon with defined energy  is absorbed only if resonates with electron and his higher energetic level correspondens with photon energy. So absorption is not so simpe process. Because the energy levels are discrete, so the photon energy is absorbed or emitted. The electron has another property associated with its magnetic moment, and that is called spin. However, it gets even more complicated.

If the electrons were not attracted to nucleus, life would not exist. If we create life-like conditions anywhere in the universe, life will arise because the atoms are like alive. Their interractions depend on conditions. Live in the sense, that movement means life.

If an atom absorbs a photon then the electron moves to a higher energy level because electron became excited. If this electron emits or releases the photon then it will return back to its ground state. Electrons therefore have to jump around within the atom as they either gain or lose energy. Light is product of matter. Light behaves mainly like a wave but as you see, it can also be considered to consist of tiny packages of energy called photons. Photons carry a fixed amount of energy and have no mass. The energy of a photon depends on its wavelength: Longer wavelength photons have less energy and shorter wavelength photons have more. Red photons, for example, have less energy than blue ones. Similarly, without loss, the photons spreads through universe in the form of electromagnetic waves, where electromagnetic field vector in the wave moves up and down, up and down, and as the wave the energy progresses with the speed of light. This energy is captured in the material environment by a suitable atom and converted to energy in another form or can be later irradiated as a light. For example, solar panels capture photons and produce electricity. 

The life of biological creatures in their material form is the transfer of electrons.

bioenergeticsIf we look at a living body and compare it with the same dead body, what is the difference?

There are still the same cells, atoms, electrons. Difference lies in activity. In a dead cell or body no reactions are taking place. A live body is bustling with activity, with chemical and physical reactions continuously taking place to sustain life. That is what is unique about life. The dead body gradually cools to surrounding temperature. Still the same electrons circulate around the nucleus of their atoms, but they are no longer formed chemical reactions and information flows are no longer running. Life biologically speaking is the ability to grow, reproduce, metabolise and respond. Death is when processes of energy production and consumption stop. Death is the opposite. So there is a clear difference. Scientists have already captured this difference, and some people call it bio-field, or energy field (energetic body). For example, Kirljan's photographs show it.

Since life is the transfer of electrons, and moving electrons create some fields around them, they create energetic-fields in their surroundings. The whole manifestation is weak because of the huge chaos and the enormous number of these transitions within the body of humans. If the electron movement synchronized in one direction at the same moments and performed synchronically, the energy field of humans would be enormous ...Around a wire is no field despite electrons are inside. If we start moving electrons synchronically to any side, field apears.

Similarly, it is with light. While day light and laser lights both share the characteristic of being a type of light, most of the similarity ends there. They are actually very different. Daylight has almost no effects due to different oscillation directions, but if everything is arranged, the appropriately chosen laser light can burn metal and evaporate tissues because energy is focused in the beam. Just we need to organize the scattered energy. For example, the EEG of the brain senses electrical signals on the skin surface that when are done synchronically can show a higher order activity with a dominant brain frequency corresponding to its activity.

As we saw that different lights were used in industry for different purposes, we were asking ourselves if we could improve the properties of our Bioquant light to improve its effects on human body. You can find the answer in the text below.

kirlijan photoPart Two: Interaction of light with matter

Light affects all the living cells that are irradiated by light. See picture before and after the effect of the arranged light on the living body. The energetic body extends. Self-regeneration processes run optimally. This process also occurs in Bioquant users after applications.

Since the beginning of our work on Bioquant, our company has paid great attention to the fact that our device was designed to be just a benefit to humans. We are talking just about the device - model Bioquant we invented, designed and tested. We have spent several years testing the device Bioquant with different light on humans.

Light creates different interactions with matter.

The key words on this theme are: light matter interraction.

Comparing living and non-living things, the mechanisms are the same, but the effects are different. In the living thing there is a living reactor with a lot of ongoing physical, chemical and information processes.

Some processes in the body:
  • Blood flow is a physical process and it is also a key to human health.
  • Temperature regulation is an informational - physical - chemical process.
  • Glycolysis - begins glucose metabolism in all cells to produce 2 molecules of pyruvate. Occurs outside of mitochondria, usually in cytoplasm. Cellular Respiration - uses oxygen from the environment and converts each pyruvate to three molecules of carbon dioxide while trapping the energy released in this process in ATP. ATP energy is used to fuel all kinds of chemical reactions, including those needed to copy DNA and build proteins. In these reactions, enzymes control the transfer of energy from ATP hydrolysis to form another chemical bond.
  • There are a lot of processes in the body that make the body work properly.

Blood is the most important organ in the body, blood can carry photons and influence each cell in the body.

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. A cell is the structural and functional unit of life. Cells provide six main functions. They provide structure and support, facilitate growth through mitosis, allow passive and active transport, produce energy, create metabolic reactions and aid in reproduction. Each of our cells is a complicated chemical reactor. In order for these processes to work properly because our cells are tissue-forming and unable to move, the substance that brings them all to the reactor in which the chemical reactions are running is called blood. Blood and plasma bring everything that cells need and also take away all the chemical reaction products out of the reactor - mitochondria. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to living cells and takes away their waste products. If removing waste products did not take place, the cell would suffocate. It's like closing a man in a container that does not contain air only oxygen. When oxygen is exhausted, a person smothers from the chemical reaction with carbon dioxide. It's like when a person stops drinking water, blood is thickening, the concentration of waste rises until a person falls into a coma and dies. The body dies because it suffocates in its waste. Waste removal from a city or a body is the same process of cleaning surrounding where people or our cells live. That process is not running well can cause infections or diseases of people or our cells.

What is actually light:

  • Light can interact with matter in three ways: absorption, transmission, and reflection.
  •  Light is energy.
  •  Light is interpreted as a particle of a certain weight that has its energ , it is a photon.
  •  Light is also electromagnetic wave, a wave that has its wavelength. As a wave it has frequency and vibrations. ( E=h.f , f =c/f )
  •  The color of light is tied to how the human eye perceives it with a wavelength of light (Human Vision and Color Perception)
  •  Different colors have different photon energy. Most energy has a blue light and at least a photon of red and infrared light.
  • It is a paradox that photons with high energy penetrate flat and low energy deep in tissue. But high energy photons like UV shall not get into the body. Their damging effect occurs on the surface of the skin.
  • http://www.desy.de/user/projects/Physics/ParticleAndNuclear/photon_mass.html

Different colors of light activate different sensors in the eye.

According to the most well-known theory, Light that enters the eye through the pupil ultimately strikes the inside surface of the eye known as the retina. The retina is lined with a variety of light sensing cells known as rods and cones. While the rods on the retina are sensitive to the intensity of light, they cannot distinguish between lights of different wavelengths. On the other hand, the cones are the color-sensing cells of the retina. When light of a given wavelength enters the eye and strikes the cones of the retina, a chemical reaction as consquence of absorption is activated that results in an electrical impulse being sent along nerves to the brain. It is believed that there are three kinds of cones, each sensitive to its own range of wavelengths within the visible light spectrum. These three kinds of cones are referred to as red cones, green cones, and blue cones because of their respective sensitivity to the wavelengths of light that are associated with red, green and blue. Since the red cone is sensitive to a range of wavelengths, it is not only activated by one but by many wavelengths of red light, but also (to a lesser extent) by wavelengths of orange light, yellow light and even green light. In the same manner, the green cone is most sensitive to wavelengths of light associated with the color green. Yet the green cone can also be activated by wavelengths of light associated with the colors yellow and blue.  Therefore, this is also explanation that the different colors of light acting on biological tissues act differently because they can be absorbed in other parts of cells or tissues more and in others less.

And if we change wavelength a little we slightly move on absorption spectra curve to some side, but absorptions is changed less or more according absorption spectra graph for defined tissue. We can imagine absorption spectra as characteristics with filtering properties where if we put on x axe frequency instead of wavelength, we will get filter characteristics. If we imagine tissue as slides of many filters we can observe how the image of initial light image is widespreading and changing in tissue. After many filtring processes, light is fully absorbed in tissue or filters. Blood has its absorption spectra and we are using in our device (Bioquant) wavelengths with low absorption. This makes irradiated volume of tissue big and light energy is quite evenly distributed in absorping chromphores molecules within tissue. High absorption for example of blue light is causing that only a few slides are irradiated and the tissue volume is low. Application of red and NIR light with low photons energy which can not harm tissue and cells and good energy distribution in the tissue makes application safe.

Light as information passing through living cells.

The light can influence the physical and chemical processes of the body, it can bring information. Thus, the information is transmitted by special body conductors. As example internet connection through optical cables - there are transmitters and receivers of light, and there is optical fiber between them. In the human body the signal receiver of the information can be an eye, any cell, tissue or nerve cells. The eye responds to frequencies up to 40Hz, nerve cells respond to several thousand Hz. 

The third part: How we tested the lights and their effects on human body

The human tissues consist of cells with a number of blood vessels - capillaries that flow through the blood. There's a lot of nerve cells in them. However, the amount of capillaries, blood flow and the amount of nerve cells in the tissues differ. 
We are  manufacturer of a medical device Bioquant that is designed for intranasal light application in the comfort of home and we tested Bioquant with many different lights, wavelengths and intensity and reactions of the body with different light properties. 

Our aim is: 

1. positive influence of the key component of human health and that is blood. Blood is the mirror of health.

2. influencing the human body's energy field in order to get stimulating effects and not suppressive. 

3. In our tests, we have been looking for the place and properties of light to make the body respond as best as possible to light applications - Selection of the best place on the body so we can get POSITIVE IMPROVEMENT OF ANY CELL.

We have been testing energetic fields since 2012 and blood rheology since 2008 so we have thousand of analysis that have proved our assumptions. 

These tests have been made because we had questions:

  • Is nasal cavity optimal place for light application? 
  • Is the application time 2 times a day 30 minutes for the regular user optimal? 

The Fourth Part: Our Conclusions

Which part of the body have to be influenced?

The nasal cavity is ideal place according to our tests. It is the best place for the human body to achieve improved blood rheology - improving the rheological properties of the blood in order to improve overall health and to achieve a rise of human energy field in order to achieve well-being and health. Frequencies stimulate the brain and its functions. We will write more about frequencies in another article. 

What information we provide to Bioquant users

Effects are strongly dependent on light properties. A change of any light properties has a significant impact on the effects achieved. Parameters include performance, scattering, color, wavelength, frequency, polarization, etc. The application location, application time, and light properties must be optimally set. Energetic field effects vary depending on the selection of right or left nostril and light properties used. So choosing light (laser, LED, RCP, etc.), choosing polarization or not, setting of the power, time, frequencies, and selecting the correct nostril for different types of light are the key information we work with and we provide our knowledge to Bioquant users depending on the problems that have led them to regular use the Bioquant devices.

Why do we claim that we affect the body as a whole through the nasal cavity. 

The benefits of the nasal cavity are generally known - rich vasculature, rich blood flow, no skin or fat layers are present in the light path, a large number of sensitive nerve endings with light range across the eye retina, the presence of 6 meridian channels around the nasal cavity, proximity to the brain, information into the brain through the visual cortex or the thin skull behind the nasal cavity and the connection of irradiated nerve to the brain and the meridian pathway.
Effects on regular users: activation of the regenerative processes of the organism itself and maintanance of good health.
Such a light can be used for the prevention or treatment of many diseases, but this requires further clinical studies and research according to the principles of good clinical practice. 

Bioquant is the result of a long-term work  and is a patent-protected solution.

Testing is ongoing and we are working on further improvements to reduce the length of application with maximum impact on human cells without loss. Based on our work and the work of our partners, we have gained a patent in some countries - the Patent for Brain Stimulation by laser circular polarized or elliptic polarized light. We have found the light that can also increase effects over a shorter application time, which is of interest to most users, since 30 minutes application daily is a long time and we want to decrease it.


  • (1) human body has human energy field that we can influence through light and frequencies

  • (2) light can influence blood properties and therefore influence each cell in the body

  • (3) eye and nerve cells can respond to frequencies, lead information to brain and stimulate the brain 

  • If you use Bioquant with frequencies regularly, you get all these three benefits.




(1) human body has human energy field that we can influence through light and frequencies

(2) light can influence blood properties and therefore influence each cell in the body

(3) eye and nerve cells can respond to frequencies, lead information to brain and stimulate the brain

If you use Bioquant with frequencies regularly, you get all these three benefits.


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