Our mission

Our mission is simple - to help as much people as possible to improve their overall health!

bioquant mission





We developed a medical device that has better light properties than any other device on the market intended for blood irradiation through nasal cavity. 


Because we know how great effect the light has on human cells! And our patented nasal applicator provides the light quality and properties we are proud of. 

If every family had one medical device for blood irradiation for all members to share, the world would become better place to live. Because a prevention against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is better than treatment.  

Our story

Yalong Trade is an exporter, importer and manufacturer of medical device BIOquant NS. Yalong Trade has tested many devices for laser blood irradiation since 2007 in order to create the device with the best effect on blood. The development had been a very long process which lasted for more than 2 years. At the end Yalong Trade created the product which is patented and specially-designed to irradiate the nasal cavity.

About us:

A manufacturer of Bioquant NS:

Yalong Trade s.r.o.


M.Bodickeho 1517/14,

050 01 Revuca


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+421 907 173 910 (german, english, slovak)





Where you can find us in Slovakia?

Ruzova 728/2,

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